hi i'm miles and there were 111 gap related incidents last year Tennant(s) in a Frame
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"Are you really going to let [someone saying something homophobic/transphobic/misogynistic/racist] ruin an entire potential relationship?"

yeah lol

ok so prom is on saturday night and obvs i can’t go because im a freshman but it’s at this building a couple houses down from me

and im not saying that im going to pull a lawn chair over and liveblog the whole thing but im not saying i won’t either so

roose understands me on a near cosmic level


Queens -

Dunno why when I love someone I have to draw him/her with Elsa.

if i could only choose one celebrity to make out with itd probably be alan cumming tbh


steve rogers’ internet history according to [x]

Alan Cummimg & Cabaret - The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon


I needed to test out my warm/cool grey markers to see if they still had enough ink in them to drag to a con this weekend and couldn’t decide between drawing cute hipster boys in sweaters or more Bucky so I just drew both. I wish I had the sewing skills to make myself a jacket like that.